Deck and docks are usually made of wood. These woods are usually acquired from a deck and dock lumber company. These are companies that deal with woods mainly purposed for the construction of the decks and the docks. The deck and dock supplies are all the materials required for the construction of the decks and the docks. There are various other materials used for the construction of the decks and the docks. These materials can be used in constructing these extensions at home, resorts or marinas.


As stated earlier, wood is not the only material used in the construction of a deck or a dock. There are other modern and more efficient materials used for the construction of the decks. This article is about how to choose the best dock and deck material. The first option of the material that may be used to build a deck or a dock is the cedar. Cedar gives the deck or the dock a more natural look. Those people who have a sense of touch with nature are advised to choose cedar as the preferred material for the construction of the deck or dock. However, the cedar decking requires maintenance and also need to be cleaned regularly.


The other dock building supplies option that one has when it comes to the material used in building either a deck or a dock is the use of pressure treated lumber. The main advantage of this material is that it is environmentally friendly. This material is still the most widespread deck and dock building material. This is because it is affordable and at the same time easy to cut and also build with nails and screws. Using the pressure treated wood will also require routine maintenance. This is done through power washing and staining every couple of years.


There is another very fast growing use of a certain decking material. It requires very low maintenance. This material is also waterproof. This is the composite decking. The composite decking is smooth, soft and has the look of wood. The other advantage of this material from Decks & Docks Lumber Company is that it is also environmentally friendly. However, the composite decking is one of the most important types of the decking material. The durability portrayed by this material is also outstanding hence it compensates for its price.



There are slight improvements in the construction of the modern decks and docks. They are made to withstand more weight and also the movement of the frost. Above are the different options for the deck and dock building materials that one can choose from. To read more about the benefits of deck and docks, go to